SuperCollider tools for Emacs

by Chris Barrett

sclang-extensionsI’ve written some extensions to the SuperCollider Emacs mode. Get them from GitHub or MELPA:

M-x package-install sclang-extensions


I’m relearning SuperCollider. The project has an Emacs mode, but unfortunately it has bitrotted. This isn’t surprising – they’ve got a great IDE now. Still, you’ll pry Emacs from my COLD DEAD HANDS.

Better Auto-Complete

The thing that first ground my gears was the primitive auto-completion – I’ve put together a bunch of auto-complete sources that communicate with the SuperCollider runtime. SinOsc.a will now complete to, instead of the meaningless SinOsc.Array.

Example of improved SuperCollider auto-complete

Improved auto-complete with documentation.

Big Win.

Minibuffer Documentation

I’ve added eldoc help for SuperCollider; tooltips are shown in the minibuffer for the class or method under the cursor. This is much better than having to wade through the SC Help Browser looking up arglists or class descriptions.

Eldoc examples for SuperCollider

Minibuffer documentation for classes and methods.


Notifications from SuperCollider are now shown in the minibuffer, so you can evaluate expressions and see instant feedback without the clutter. This makes the Post buffer a waste of space, so it’s now hidden on startup.


These  extensions have made my SuperCollider experience *sooo* much better. This is a project in flux – I’l probably add more extensions as I work my way through The SuperCollider Book.