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Importing OS X contacts to BBDB

I’ve written a small elisp utility to import OS X Address Book contacts into BBDB. Get it from github.
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Infix math in Elisp

This morning I awoke from a wicked dream where I was playing with Great White Shark pups. Attuned the oneness of all creation, I banged out a macro that lets me do this:

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IE6 Art

Turns out IE6 is a pretty funny guy. Hat-tip @FatiguedArtist

Objects in C, using blocks

Today I realised that clang supports Apple’s blocks language extension outside Objective-C compilation units. I have assembled the finest killers in the Iron Islands and set sail for the Land of Objects on the fastest schooner in the fleet—the Preprocessor. Hacks ahoy!

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Your father’s parens. Elegant weapons for a more civilized age.

Posting a syntax-related question on Stack Overflow? Didn’t bother tagging a specific language? Be aware that I will troll you with answers in Common Lisp.

Ruby code folding with Emacs

There are a few posts kicking around about how to approach Ruby code folding in Emacs. Here’s what I have in my init.el. Read the rest of this entry »

Rex has the last pineapple lump in the flat. It has been uncontested for 2 days now.

This is the best Hawkeye Initiative thing

We are pleased to announce that the Internet has just been won!

Terrible 3D printer driver in action

To be fair, the best route around the circumference of a circle is probably NP-complete or something.

Date parsing, the Rube Goldberg way

How to parse a timestamp, using only direct indexing and string concatenation.